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Reconstructed Tablet Woven Bands found in the North - from the Iron Age

These are reconstructions of Tablet Woven Bands found in Nordic Iron Age graves. They are on display in the Silbeborg Museum in Silkeborg in Denmark - along with a  great deal of other intersting finds. These are merely put here for your reference so that you can research the pieces of interest to you seperately and on your own accord.  1. Found in Lonne Hede near Esbjerg in Denmark. From 1st century AD - It would have been a decoration to a "nederdel" i.e. skirt or dress hemm.2. Found in a grave in Hochdorf near Stuttgart in Germany. This was decoratind the hemm of a blanket. From 5th centure BC.3. Found in a grave in Dätgen in North Germany. From...

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