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Environmental Statement

We stand with nature

Sigrun is a firm believer in “sustainable, cruelty free and natural materials” and strives to put emphasis on materials that do not leave footprints in nature, be it in its making or to decompose of them. This means that she prefers, when possible, the use of organic materials including animals over the use of “fake” products made out of plastic such as polyester. Every year, she travels to Iceland and other Nordic countries to scout for new inspirations and materials. She visits local tanners and creators who share her beliefs in “No waste” and who are using both ancient and modern methods of using and preserving old and new natural materials.

“If a fish has to die because I am eating it then the best way I can show my gratitude and appreciation is to use as much of the fish in as many ways as possible so that a bare minimum of his being becomes wasted. Make the life count.” 

Recycling and upcycling is something she loves to do and every garment she creates has a story behind it. This is not only in the form of inspiration, but also with a history of a part of its materials.

Amongst the materials she has used so far are wool, silk, linen, organic cotton, fish leather, ostrich feet leather, feathers, fish bones, insects, lamb bones, redundant metals, horse hair, wood and vegetable fibres.

Some clothes may even contain nuts. 

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